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OX4 Racing are based right at the home of MINI production here at Plant Oxford. With over 1000 cars produced every day, where better to position a race team.

The team consists of 1 Team Principal, 3 Drivers, and 9 Specialist race technicians. As well as being fully committed to the racing, everyone has a core role within the MINI business, in areas such as; Chassis Development, Supply Chain Planning, Maintenance and Production Management.

As a team, we know a thing or two about MINI’s from production to racing, and with our principles and work ethic shaped by one of the world’s best automotive brands, we know how to perform in a high pressure environment.

Upcoming Races - 2021 Calendar TBA

OX4 Mini in pit stop
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Round 1 - TBC

Mini's racing on track

TBC - Please Check Back Soon!

Round 2 - TBC

People and Mini's on grid
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Round 3 - TBC

Minis on the race track
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Round 4 - TBC

Mini Open Door 2
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Round 5 - TBC

Front of Mini
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Round 6 - TBC

three mini's on track
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Round 7 - TBC


Meet the Team

Jim Loukes

Team Principal & Driver

Jim has been part of OX4Racing since 1997, before some of our team members were even born. Jim has been driving in the JCW class regularly since 2015 and is always emphasises how much the team puts in when chatting to the media.

As Team Principal, Jim has a lot of responsibility to ensure that the car is always maintained to a high standard, and that OX4Racing and MINI Plant Oxford are working together to achieve their goals.

Chris Oakman


“Big” Chris has been part of OX4Racing since 2006, and over the last 13 years he’s cemented himself as the chief mechanic and knows the JCW inside out. Having shown how capable a driver he is in the R56 model, Chris has also become a regular in the driver’s seat of the F56 JCW since its introduction in 2015, and hasn’t taken his bobble hat off since.

Chris Fryer

Reserve Driver

“Little” Chris joined OX4Racing in 2009, and was very successful in the R56 alongside Big Chris before moving up into the F56 JCW. Since moving to MINI UK in Farnborough, Chris has maintained his relationship with the team and is always on hand to jump into the driver’s seat when required, especially the one in the truck.

Jon Light

Technician, Social Media & Marketing

Jon has been part of OX4Racing coming up for 3 years now, and has taken charge of the OX4 Social Media, Communications and Marketing. A regular at race weekends and late evenings in the workshop, and on Instagram… Jon’s knowledge of the JCW, and how to take it apart, has been key whilst working on the car.

Sam Drew


Sam joined the OX4 team at the end of the 2017 season, and bought with him a wealth of general mechanical knowledge. Sam is a regular in the workshop and always goes Full Throttle into the “heavy” mechanical jobs on the car with the ability to make sure everything is achieved on time, his discipline to workshop cleanliness is second to none.

Dylan Rodway


Dylan (Chow) first started with OX4Racing 3 years ago, and is key to prepping the car at race weekends ensuring that the necessities such as; tyres and cameras are all set up correctly. Another member of the team that doesn’t mind staying late after hours and has recently proven himself to be handy behind the wheel.

Simon Reed


Simon spent the last couple of years racing his R53 in the Track Day Championship, but has since switched his focus to the F56 JCW. Simon’s the Russ Swift of the team and handles everything to do with transporting the car where it needs to be, for example, preparations are already underway for when OX4Racing visit Knockhill next year.

James Bailey


After joining the team at the end of the 2017 season, James has become the go to guy when it comes to the cars set-up. At race weekends you’ll see him really taking his time to perfect the cars set-up, re-wrapping parts of the car quickly to keep it looking its best, or checking all of the vital fluids are topped up.

Courteney Stone


Joining the team at the end of the 2017 season, Courteney spends her time at race weekends ensuring the car looks its best and can often be found helping other members of the team with their responsibilities, and asking all the important questions.

Harry Adaway


Harry is the newest member of the team joining mid-way through the 2019 season and has already made an impact. The amount of time he’s dedicated to the workshop by helping with complex tasks such as; removing the engine and gearbox and re-building suspension. His contacts have proved useful, and he can source anything the team needs.

OX4 Mini Front view

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