The MINI Plant Oxford Race Team

About OX4Racing

OX4Racing are based right at the home of MINI production at Plant Oxford. With over 1000 cars produced every day, where better to position a race team.

As a team, we know a thing or two about MINI’s. From production to racing, with our principles and work ethic shaped by one of the world's best automotive brands, we know how to perform in a high-pressure environment.​

OX4Racing are MINI’s special branch when it comes to bespoke motorsport projects, from the creation of the JCW Challenge Edition, or the FIA Formula E Safety Car to the next generation of MINI Challenge race car, OX4Racing are shaping the future when it comes to everything MINI.

2023 MINI Challenge Calendar

Simon Reed - OX4 Racing

22 - 23 April

Donington Park

Simon Reed - OX4 Racing

6 - 7 May

Brands Hatch Indy

Simon Reed - OX4 Racing

20 - 21 May

Snetterton 300

Simon Reed - OX4 Racing

17 - 18 June

Oulton Park Island

Simon Reed - OX4 Racing

12 - 13 August


Simon Reed - OX4 Racing

23 - 24 September

Silverstone National

Simon Reed - OX4 Racing

7 - 8 October

Brands Hatch GP

Meet the Team

Alex Brandham

Team Principal

Currently the teams newest member, Alex joined OX4Racing as Team Principal in 2022 taking over from Jim Loukes. His role is to ensure the team has everything they need in terms of budget, resources and has a handle on the commercial side of things.
A keen kart racer himself, he has a passion for motorsport and looks to take a step into car racing in the future.

Jon Light

Team Manager

Jon has been part of OX4Racing coming up for 7 years, becoming Team Manager 3 years ago. Jon looks after the day to day running of the team, controls budgets, ensures race weekends run smoothly and is a main contact point for the team. A regular at race weekends and late evenings in the workshop, and on Instagram… Jon’s knowledge of the JCW, and how to take it apart, has been key whilst working on the car.

Sam Drew

Technical Manager

Sam joined the OX4 team at the end of the 2016 season and bought with him a wealth of general mechanical knowledge. Sam is a regular in the workshop and always goes Full Throttle into the “heavy” mechanical jobs on the car with the ability to make sure everything is achieved on time, his discipline to workshop cleanliness is second to none.  

Simon Reed

No. 1 Driver

Simon has spent the last couple of years racing his R53 in the Track Day Championship but has since switched his focus to the F56 JCW. Simon’s the Russ Swift of the team and handles everything to do with transportation and logistics alongside his driving duties. Simon is a regular in the MINI Challenge E Series and is ready to step into the "real world".

Ollie Barfield


After joining the team at the end of the end of the 2022 season, Ollie has a great work ethic and showed solid dedication when building our new 2023 Challenge Car. A regular at race weekends, and always looking to work on the car and ensure it's perfect every time it's out on track. Eager to learn and be involved in everything mechanical, it will be a great shame to lose him to university.

Dylan Rodway


Dylan first started with OX4Racing 7 years ago and is key to prepping the car at race weekends ensuring that the necessities such as tyres and cameras are all set up correctly. Another member of the team that doesn’t mind staying late and has tackled all of the big jobs on the car, a great asset to the team at race weekends with his level-headed approach and quick thinking.

Courteney Stone


Joining the team at the end of the 2017 season, Courteney spends her time at race weekends ensuring the car looks its best and can often be found helping other members of the team with their responsibilities and asking all the important questions to further her mechanical knowledge.

Chris Fryer

Reserve Driver

“Little” Chris joined OX4Racing in 2009 and was very successful in the R56 alongside Big Chris before moving up into the F56 JCW. Since moving to MINI UK in Farnborough, Chris has maintained his relationship with the team and is always on hand to jump into the driver’s seat when required.  

Additional Members

Mixed Roles

Tom Geaney - Current "German Branch" of the team.

Lottie Davis - Controls Social Media at race weekends.

Darren Smith - Expert on motorbikes and learning more about the JCW every week.

Martin Fernie - Great help around the workshop and can set a rapid time in the sim.


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